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Our Story

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In the summer of 2014 our founder Matthew Pfohl suffered a major stroke while employed as a bartender in Salt Lake City, Utah.  As he soon learned the recovery from this event was not only physical and emotional but financial as well- seemingly overnight, he found himself $40,000 in debt.  Without insurance, and nowhere to turn for assistance, he began researching programs that might be able to offer guidance, support, and comfort.  After finding that there were very few that existed to benefit the men and women of his industry, One Small Miracle was created as a way to bridge that very gap.  


Launched in 2019, One Small Miracle sets its mission to provide financial assistance to those in the service industry who are experiencing an unplanned and life-altering medical event.  With the shared experience of this same position, and knowing that these moments can happen at any time, without warning, One Small Miracle sees no greater time for communities to rally for those they hold close.

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